Meeting with local restaurants


Restaurants play a big role in our neighbourhood—we do have over 4000 in Vancouver-False Creek. These businesses provide jobs to thousands of people and contribute to Vancouver’s economy. The pandemic has been hard on many restaurants, with provincial health orders meaning that restaurants have had to continually adapt and adjust the way they operate.

With the proof of vaccination PHO having come into effect on September 13, restaurants have once again had to acclimatise to a new way of conducting business. As per the health order, people are required to produce proof of vaccination in order to access restaurants and bars (among other businesses and event spaces). As of 27 September, the only accepted form of proof is the BC Vaccine Card, which can be accessed here.

MLA Bailey has been meeting with local restaurant owners and hearing about their concerns. Many business owners have expressed their desire to continue providing quality services while prioritising people’s safety— for both workers and customers alike.
Restaurant owners, as well as other business owners, are encouraged to contact the Vancouver-False Creek Community office with any questions or concerns they may have regarding health orders or mandates that could possibly affect their businesses.